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IT & FMS Services

Desktop Repair, Laptop Repair, Email Solutions CCTV & Biomatric, Gateway & Hotspot, LAN &WAN Solutions and more…..


We are providing Desktop &, Laptop AMC, Windows & Desktop Support, CCTV AMC and Other IT Product and AMC...….

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BPO Services & Solutions

Back office Services, HR Services, Account & Finance Services, Infrastructures Management Support, E-Commerce Support …..

CallCenter Services

Inbound Call Support, Technical Support, Customer Support ,Inbound sales, Outbound support, chat and email support ….

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About Technopole 

Technopole is a Global BPO Services,Annotation, Data Management & Call Center Services ,  Outsourcing Company Based in Delhi, India. We are an outsourcing services provider to over 15 different Industries across the world.   Our BPO Company execute every process, customized to your individual requirement. with our specialized IT development & Support team.

We provide CRM Development, Portals, Website design & development, Windows Server , Email Solutions, Firewall Services , CCTV & Biomatric Services,  to our clients as professional services.

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Our top professionals are ready to help with your business.

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